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Connecting data to static features, connecting data to special types that implement the interface ICustomTypeprovider and data binding information from a binding statement.

In the .NET Framework 4.5, the following features are added to print and maintain the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) applications more easily:

XMLDictionAreaderQuotasXML Dictionary updates to the class to reduce the possibility of having to configure quotas for their readers.

Verification of WCF configuration files as part of the Association process by Visual Studio, so you can identify configuration errors before you run your application.

The new HTTPS protocol map to make it easier to expose an endpoint via HTTPS via Internet Information Services (IIS).

WebSockets support to enable correct bidirectional communications via 80 and 443 ports similar to TCP transmission.

A UDP transport support that enables the developers to write services that use “fire and forget” messages. The client sends a message to the service and does not respond from the service.

When using HTTP Transport and Transfer Security, support multiple authentication modes on a single WCF end point.

In the .NET Framework 4.5, Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), including the following, has been added:

First, the status machine workflows offered as part of the .NET Framework 4.0.1 (.NET Framework 4 platform update 1). This update included several new classes and events that enable developers to create status machine workflows. These classes and events are updated for the following 4.5 .NET Framework:

Find advanced workflow search features including quick find in Visual Studio and find files in files.

When a second sub-activity is added to a container event, and both the activities are automatically creating a series of activities to include in the sequential activity.

A new document outline view that allows you to select a components of a workflow in the main line view of a tree style and allows you to select a component in the document outline view.

The status machine and flowchart is automatically connected to activities and transitions in workflows and add automatically.

To store the view status information on a single item in a workflow, you can easily find and edit the view status information in the XAML file.

Workflow projects that use Visual Basic uses Visual Basic expressions and C # workflow projects will use C # statements.

In Visual Studio 2010, C # workflow projects with Visual Basic expressions are compatible with C # workflow projects using C # statements.

Contract-First Workflow Service Development provides automatically support activity to match an existing service contract.

Windows 8. X store applications are designed for specific form factors and benefit from the power of the Windows operating system. 4.5 or 4.5.1 .NET Framework can be used to create Windows 8. X store applications for Windows using a subset, C # or Visual Basic. This subset is referred to as .NET for Windows 8. X store applications and is taken over overview.

The portable class library project in Visual Studio 2012 (and later versions) allows you to type and create managed compilations running on multiple .NET Framework platforms. By using a portable class library project, you select platforms (for Windows Phone and Windows 8. X store applications) to be targeted. The available species and members in your project are automatically limited to common species and members across these platforms. For more information. portable class library.