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The priest candidate passing through the Sluc process moves in accordance with the daily living rules of the monastery of the monastery to the agreement to be established during his education. In casual life, worship, perhiz, the rhythm of life that can be considered to be fully fulfilling the other tasks given, the statement of an acceptance of an acceptance. Within the framework of monastery training, which will continue for a long time, all the rules of religious life are learned by pratizing.

The priest candidate passing through the diode processes, it switches to a new stage with the decision to assign the roof. This ceremony is considered second baptism. The person receiving the coarse secret is impersonated with an indelible tinsel personality. This is not repeated and given temporarily. This new situation is a special and significant time period for the family of the priest as well as the members of the community. The congregation is informed about the time and place where the assignment is to be done. The priest candidate is prepared to the resembly ceremony, in an environment, which will be continuously and intense, and at the same time, in an environment where the communications of the external world. The priest candidate has to be fasted for forty days to begin before the ceremony. During this time, while the prospect of Perhysis is continuing uninterruptedly, the fact that the meat will stay away during his life, has already started.

Before Sunday, the monastery, invited, invited guests to which the reservation ceremony will be made. The preparations that are considered all fine details begin with the darkness of the air. Students living in the ladies and monastery, nuns cooperate in the preparation of the food to be given to guests after the ceremony. The costs of this dish are covered by the priest’s family’s family. While the studies started with the repository continued until the next hours of the night, while others find the possibility of voice the past memories and future dreams using the unique chat authorities of others.

The ceremony is required on Sunday. During the Sunday, the priest candidate is located in the ritual room with the daily attire in the monastery life, prayers and hymns are read on the table (GUDO) and replaces to stand. The reservation ceremony is started when the metropolitan is present and directed, the major participation of the community with the major participation of the congregation. From the beginning of the ceremony at the beginning of the Old and New Testament, the letter of the ambassadors, creation 12, Prophet Yeremya, Bar / Asiro 2 of 1-14, (Sunda book), (Sirak book), (Sunda book), (Sirak book), (Sunda book), (Sirak book), (Sunda book), (Sunda book), 16 / 1-17 and Luka 14/25, 15/11 passages from the Bible. The other spirituals, which are the hymn of the diode they started, the other spirituals are started by continuing the taskis rite.

The priest to be assigned to be assigned, the sacred and universal church will be able to walk in the trail of the teacher and the leading fathers, and declared that the wrong teachings and perverse thoughts of the Antakya patriarch and the abraltion are to be able to obey the ninth of the ambassadors. During the rite, in front of the mihrab and standing, the priest candidate in daily clothing, in the left side of the mihrab in the left side of the mihrab, in front of the metropolitan in front of the metropolitan.