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. . After all these sacrifices, do you have dared to admit to be a doctor? Being selfish is nothing easy. In the heart of our hearts, what are we really good for ourselves?

Food realm is a way to treat yourself well. Consider the greedy eater, eat more than his share, fill yourself. This is an instance of a deceived personal interest, not being self-good. Oburly really takes more food. More than more! But it hurts yourself. If it was more selfish, he wouldn’t eat that much of her number one priority, perhaps. It’s a irony and a miracle. When you really decide to be good to eat yourself, the result is not a more healthy diet, not a less healthy diet, it is not a less healthy diet, even if it starts with a great ice cream assistance to the diet.

When I talked before the viewers about radical self-confidence, thankful confirming (“I was expecting forever for it – I knew from the beginning, but I didn’t dare to believe”) I see a series of reactions (“this happens to ruin the civilization as we know”). Both response are also correct.

For example, if everyone rely on an innate reputation for any business involving the corruption of themselves and others, what happens to civilization? I think so many people organize both response and gratitude and protest shows at the same time. The conditioned self is afraid of the freedom despondently desirable. As in collective level, living in self-confidence in personal level is to accept the end of life as we know. Everything can and everything can change: business, environment, relationships and more. In return for freedom, we must leave predictability and control.

The control ideology is involved in each part of the political and religious belief. As our religious conservatives believe that we need to be clamping our sinful nature, environmentalists told us to relegate our greed and selfishness to us to stop polluting the world and get more than our source share. And practically everyone believes in the “play before the game” until we finish – it doesn’t let us do it as we want – agriculture mentality. Anger and blame feeds the writings of the Crusader on the right and left, Zandick Jensen and Ann Coulter, John Robbins and Michael Shermer. A theme variations, that’s all.

Both sides express the guiding ideology of our civilization in a slightly different form. Therefore, when one side won the other side, nothing changes. Even communism did not end the sovereignty and exploitation of the man’s man (alone by female male or nature). This book declares a completely different kind of revolution. This is a revolution in our self-self and as a result of the world and with each other. It will not come with a severe overthrow of the current regime, will not come, but only with aging and exceeding.

Those who say that we should try harder to be good to us are working with the same faulty assumptions on human nature.